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World Y.O.G.A. Project, our flagship program!:


















World Y.O.G.A. Project (WYP), is our flagship yoga program.   WYP focuses on empowering children throughout the United States by bringing the practice of yoga to their schools. Since the launch of the World Y.O.G.A. Project program in 2011, we have seen substantial improvements that have impacted the students, teachers, and schools as a whole.



The World Y.O.G.A. Project platform:

  • WYP provides solutions for cultivating generations of healthy children and youth, creating community within schools, and partnering with parents.


  • WYP focuses on planting the seed of healthy living within each student through integrating our program into the culture of the school and the school community.   


  • WYP host an annual Open Forum in the Spring, which provides an opportunity to have school teachers and/or staff members from each school to join us in the discussion on continuing to create positive experiences for their students through Y.O.G.A..


  • WYP offers ongoing staff development coaching for our team of yoga teachers, providing them with the tools that they need to feel fully supported, enabling them to offer students truly impactful yoga classes.


  • WYP provides yoga sessions for students that build upon a specific curriculum that works to incorporate the benefits of yoga with social reasoning. 


  • WYP partners with each school on fundraising efforts.  Our fundraisers are structured to include the students we serve, their parents/families, the school, and the community.  

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