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About Sarva Y.O.G.A. Foundation;

Our Mission and Vision:


Sarva is a Sanskrit word, known in the yoga community to mean all, every, whole, or complete.  The mission of Sarva Y.O.G.A. Foundation or Sarva Youth Obtaining Great Achievements Foundation, is to empower ALL youth! 


Sarva YOGA Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, embodies the spirit of compassion, wellness, and education. Founded in 2011 by retired Yoga Teacher and Yoga Studio owner, Keirra Strayhorn Winters, this organization has been a beacon of positivity, nurturing young minds and bodies for a brighter future.

One of the most commendable aspects of Sarva YOGA Foundation's mission has been its commitment to providing free yoga classes to students in public schools. During the covid-19 lockdowns, for health and safety reasons, we had to phase out our free. yoga classes in schools program.  We hope to resume free in school yoga classes in the future.


As part of our ongoing efforts, the foundation has evolved to offer scholarships and grants annually. This is a testament to our unwavering dedication to education and personal growth. These scholarships empower individuals to deepen their understanding of their passions and pursue further education, creating a ripple effect of knowledge and well-being within the community.


The legacy of Sarva YOGA Foundation shines brightly as it continues to touch the lives of countless young individuals. Through grants and scholarships, the foundation carries forward its founder's vision of making the world a healthier, more balanced, and harmonious place. It is an organization that embodies the true essence of giving back, fostering growth, and nurturing the spirit, and it serves as an inspiring model of what a dedicated nonprofit can achieve.

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