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About Sarva Y.O.G.A. Foundation;

Our Mission and Vision:


Sarva is a Sanskrit word, known in the yoga community to mean all, every, whole, or complete.  The mission of Sarva Y.O.G.A. Foundation or Sarva Youth Obtaining Great Achievements Foundation, is to empower ALL children through yoga... one pose at a time! 


We are a IRS registered 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization and we proudly offer FREE yoga classes and nutrition services for children in underserved schools nationwide! 


Driven by the need for social change, we have cultivated our vision to offer yoga as a tool to create empowered, intelligent, confident, creative, inspired youth leading the world towards sociocultural evolution! 


The Sarva Y.O.G.A. Foundation program meets and exceeds U.S. national standards for quality Physical Education. Recognizing the effects of the obesity epidemic on children and the alarming lack of funding for physical education in public and charter schools, we have developed an easy to implement and tremendously beneficial model to keep kids active and healthy.


In addition to the multitude of physical benefits, students will experience greater awareness of their bodies and minds, increased compassion for themselves and others, improved self-confidence and self-control, and a greater ability to be focused on the present moment and the task or situation at hand. The benefits will extend beyond the individual students, into the classroom and enitre school, and then out into the world.

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