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Our Y.O.G.A. Programs!

In schools K-12, we offer a comprehensive yoga activities and health

literacy programs for the students.  Schools are selected on a need basis.  


Our goal is to reach students in schools in economically challenged

communities and/or to bridge the gap in schools that may not have the

funding for a physical education program or after-school activities.  


  • World Y.O.G.A. Project yoga classes are focused on implementing six weeks of one hour (or two half hour) one time per week, educational, and engaging yoga physical activity sessions for the Fall and/or Spring school semesters


  • WYP Y.O.G.A. on the Go Field Trips


  • WYP Y.O.G.A. Grow a Garden Project


  • WYP Y.O.G.Arts, Crafts, Paint, and Play Day


  • WYP Y.O.G.A. Movement with Music


  • WYP Y.O.G.A. Healthy Foods for Fit Kids Workshop


  • WYP Y.O.G.A. Student's Scholarships 


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