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Grants and Scholarships:
Next grant and scholarship rounds will be available in 2024

The KHS Scholarship: $100

  • Expertise: Kathryn Hill Strayhorn, the mother of Sarva Y.O.G.A. Foundation Keirra Strayhorn Winters, is an accomplished New York City marathon runner who participated in and completed the marathon over 10 different times. Kathryn's dedication and endurance as a long-distance runner were nothing short of incredible.

  • Impact: Her commitment to running not only showcased her mental fortitude and physical prowess, but also served as an inspiration to many aspiring athletes. She demonstrated the values of discipline, determination, and perseverance.

  • Legacy: The Kathryn Hill Strayhorn Scholarship, named in her honor, aims to carry forward her legacy by supporting excellence in track and field among K-12 students in public schools. It reflects her passion for health and wellness and her desire to help young athletes achieve their full potential.

The LS Scholarship: $100

  • Expertise: Lloyd Strayhorn, the father of Sarva Y.O.G.A. Foundation Keirra Strayhorn Winters, is a renowned expert in numerology and astrology. He dedicated his life to the study and practice of these ancient disciplines.

  • Publications: He is a published author, well known for his best selling book, Numbers and You, and articles that explored the intricacies of numerology and astrology. His work provided insights into the mystical aspects of numbers and celestial influences.

  • Broadcasting; Radio and Television: Lloyd Strayhorn had a long and illustrious career in radio. He has also appeared on many popular television shows such as The Oprah Winfrey Show and has been interviewed by Katie Couric. Lloyd continues to share his knowledge and insights on numerology and astrology with a broad audience through various television shows, guests appearances, various social media platforms, and he is enjoying now hosting his own show, Numbers and You.

  • Client Work: He works closely with numerous clients, offering personalized consultations and guidance based on numerological and astrological principles. His expertise helped individuals gain deeper self-awareness and make important life decisions.

  • Legacy: Lloyd Strayhorn's contributions to the fields of numerology and astrology left a lasting impact, enriching the lives of those who sought his wisdom and guidance. His work continues to inspire and empower individuals to this day.

These two remarkable individuals, Kathryn Hill Strayhorn and Lloyd Strayhorn, have left a significant mark in their respective domains, whether through athletics or the mystical arts of numerology and astrology, and their legacies continue to benefit and inspire many.


The LSSr. Grant: Grant Amount TBD


The Lloyd Strayhorn Sr. Grant is a distinguished award that pays tribute to the entrepreneurial spirit and achievements of Mr. Lloyd Strayhorn Sr., the grandfather of Sarva Y.O.G.A. Foundation Keirra Strayhorn Winters.  With over 50 years of business ownership in the vibrant heart of Harlem, New York City, Lloyd Strayhorn Sr. demonstrated remarkable success by single-handedly financing his children's college education all without the need for student loans, with income generated from his successful business in Harlem.

  • Honoring an Entrepreneurial Legacy: The Lloyd Strayhorn Sr. Grant is established in recognition of the outstanding entrepreneurial career of Mr. Lloyd Strayhorn Sr. As a testament to his dedication and accomplishments, this grant spotlights individuals who have excelled in their entrepreneurial pursuits.


  • Celebrating Entrepreneurial Excellence: By celebrating the achievements of entrepreneurs, this grant pays homage to the innovative spirit, determination, and financial savvy that were hallmarks of Mr. Strayhorn Sr. illustrious career.


  • Investing in the Future: The grant seeks to empower and support the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders. It offers opportunities for budding entrepreneurs to advance their education, fostering an environment where they can invest in their own future success.


  • Emphasizing Family and Community: The Lloyd Strayhorn Senior Scholarship underscores the significance of family, community, and the vital role they play in personal and entrepreneurial development. Mr. Strayhorn's ability to send his children to college serves as an inspirational model for others seeking to make a positive impact on their communities.


  • Inspiration for Aspiring Entrepreneurs: This grant serves as an inspiration to individuals who aspire to follow in Mr. Strayhorn's footsteps. It demonstrates that through hard work, dedication, and entrepreneurship, they too can achieve their educational and professional goals while contributing to their communities.

The Lloyd Strayhorn Senior Grant stands as a symbol of hope, encouragement, and support for aspiring entrepreneurs. It is a lasting tribute to Lloyd Strayhorn Sr., an extraordinary individual, and a means of empowering future generations to pursue their dreams and make a significant difference in the world of business and beyond.


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